Tower of Empire by Night

Tower of Empire by Night

This is a postcard of the Tower of Empire at the Empire Exhibition, Scotland, 1938, otherwise known as Tait’s Tower, after the architect. It gives some idea of what a fine sight the Tower must have been when lit up at night.

It’s not a true colour photo but rather a colourised one.

Stunning whatever.

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  1. D J Grey

    My grandfather attended this exhibition to promote, what was then, Southern Rhodesia, for the government. He has recorded many facts about how much steel work was used in the tower, how fast the lifts travelled and how many men worked to erect main structure and how long it took them.

    I wish I had a picture of the tower as he was obviously so interested in it.

  2. jackdeighton

    D J Grey,
    Thanks for looking in and commenting.
    Do you still have all your grandfather’s information? It will be fascinating.
    There are lots of pictures of the tower available on the internet but it’s not the same as owning one.
    The best way to get one would maybe be to buy one of the postcards which showed it. They turn up quite often on eBay. I don’t think I have a good spare one of the tower but I could look through them.

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