Not Just Ireland

Beside the Irish shelves in my local supermarket there are no less than two others of produce surely intended to be sold in the US.

Second Set of US Shelves, Kirkcaldy Supermarket

First Set of US Shelves, Kirkcaldy Supermarket

A few of these things I’ve read about, Hershey bars (chocolate,) Jello (jelly.* – At £1.50 a packet no less. One of the packets was chocolate flavoured; how do you get chocolate flavoured jelly? The picture on the packet showed the stuff was opaque. Weird.) Lifesavers(??) Hominy grits. The rest is more or less a mystery apart from what were obviously cereals.

I suppose this has turned up here because the supermarket concerned has just abandoned its attempts to make inroads into the US market.

Here are two close-ups. Click either side to enlarge.

First Set of US Shelves, Kirkcaldy, Detail

US Shelves Kirkcaldy Detail

What on Earth is this stuff?

(*What Usians call jelly we call jam, I think. See my post on Jelly Jungle.)

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  1. Denis Cullinan

    Oddly, most of these are no longer available in Usia, at least here in New York City, where I live–call it living. No doubt in the more civilized corners of the country the normals can get them.
    Get a load of the price for a small bottle of A1 steak sauce. Five pounds fifty. In the nearby supermarket, which I call the “okay-but-not-supermarket, a bottle goes for something like seven Usian iron men. It’s nothing more than your garden variety brown sauce.

  2. jackdeighton

    It was the price of the Jello that caught my eye, Denis. £1.50!
    Jelly is much cheaper.
    (What’s an iron man?)

  3. Denis Cullinan

    An iron man is a dollar. This is an extinct usage. It was old before my time. What’s “my time”? Aaaarrrgh.

  4. jackdeighton

    Thanks Denis,
    I thought it might be a dollar but I read quite a lot of US fiction and iron man was a new one on me.
    Before my time as well, then?

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