Art Deco Postcards Plus

One of the presents I received (from my eldest son, for my birthday, not Christmas) was this:-

240 pages crammed full of reproductions of Art Deco postcards of World’s Fairs/Expositions, Public Structures, Places to stay/live, Restaurants/caf├ęs, Cinemas/entertainment buildings, Business/industrial premises, Travel/transport. Plus eight push-out and postable postcards that I shall not be pushing out.

One of my favourite buildings from it is Ocean Terminal Southampton, sadly demolished in 1985, which I had seen portrayed in a jigsaw once. Below is a slightly different view from the one in the book.

Ocean Terminal, Southampton, Hampshire

I was surprised by the fact that the two German buildings featured and the one from Kharkov in Ukraine are survivors. I had thought they might have been blown to kingdom come in World War 2.

Unilever House Memory Book

Also given me (by the good lady) was the book shown right:-

Unilever House Memory Book.

This contains images from the – at time of publishing – 72 year long life of the Art Deco Unilever House, Blackfriars, London.

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