Art Deco in Tranent, East Lothian

On the way back from seeing Eric Brown in Dunbar we stopped off at Tranent. The main reason is my mother was born there – or at least it was her first home. Her family later moved to Eyemouth before coming to Dumbarton.

I found it a typical Scottish small (post)industrial town with all that implies. But it has Art Deco.

Art Deco Shop, Tranent, East Lothian.

The above is Homezone – on Edinburgh Road just after it branches off from High Street. This is a close-up on the detail:-

Art Deco Detail on Homezone, Tranent.

At the other end of High Street is this solicitor’s. The stepping on the roof line is good – and the triangular effect on the upper stone blocks.

Art Deco Frontage, Tranent.

To its left (on the right in the above photo) the deco feel continues. The pillars on the stone work are nicely detailed. The premises were to let, as you can see.

Art Deco Frontage, Tranent, 2.

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