Art Deco Oxford (i)

I hadn’t researched Oxford much before going there. I assumed it would be a bit like Cambridge with some Art Deco in the town centre but I wasn’t expecting to see something stunning like this in amongst all the mediƦval stuff in the University part of town.

New Bodleian Library, Oxford, Oxfordshire

It was obviously being gutted/refurbished – the insides were all gone and turned into a building site; as witnessed by the crane. It looked even better from the corner!

Full View of New Bodleian Library, Oxford, Oxfordshire

I have since discovered it’s the New Bodleian Library.

More conventional deco was to be found in the shopping areas.

This is the New Theatre.

New Theatre, Oxford, Oxfordshire 1

The facade extends along the street.

New Theatre, Oxford, Oxfordshire 2

There was this set of shops

Giraffe and other shops, Oxford, Oxfordshire

I wasn’t quite sure whether the Job Centre was deco or not. It has a nice doorway whatever.

Job Centre Doorway, Oxford, Oxfordshire

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