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Upper Waterfall, Ceres Burn, Kemback

There is a further waterfall on the Ceres Burn at Kemback, a bit upriver of the village. There has been some sort of man-made interference with the flow of the burn though with a stone projection at its centre:-

Upper Waterfall, Ceres Burn, Kemback

Video 1:-

Video, Upper Waterfall, Ceres Burn, Kemback

Video 2:-

Second Video, Upper Waterfall, Ceres Burn, Kemback

Kemback, Second Waterfall

Thsi one is on the Ceres Burn which runs through the village:-

Waterfall in Ceres Burn, Kemback

Closer view but through trees:-

Waterfall in Ceres Burn, Kemback Through Trees

Video. It looked like goats that were in that small compound near the waterfall:-

Video of Waterfall in Ceres Burn, Kemback

Kemback Waterfall 1

This waterfall at Kemback is to the left of the Community Hall:-

Waterfall at Kemback

Kemback waterfall

Reverse View:-

Kemback Waterfall Reverse View


Kemback Waterfall Video

Video reverse view. The building in the background is the Community Hall:-

Video of Waterfall at Kemback

The waterfall goes into a gully that goes underneath the road and into the Ceres Burn:-

Kemback waterfall


Kemback Waterfall into Ceres Burn

Moving Water, Flåm, Norway

The fjords in Norway are festooned with waterfalls. This one in Aurlandsfjord was the first thing I saw when I looked out the porthole on the morning we arrived to visit Flåm. I dubbed it “our” waterfall. Click on picture to get to video:-

"Our" Waterfall, Aurlandsfjord

This moving sculpture was on the dockside at Flåm. Again click on it:-

Moving Sculpture, Flåm, Norway

This is the Bokkefossen, the waterfall we didn’t manage to climb up to, in a photo taken from the road:-

Bokkefossen, Flåm, Norway

Earlier I’d shot a video:-

Bokkefossen, Flåm, Norway

A later photo, taken on way back to Flåm, showing the waterfall’s higher portions:-

Bokkefossen, Flåm, Norway

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