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Canal Bridges, Bruges

When we saw a notice advertising boat trips on the canal in Bruges we opted for one straight away. These photos mostly feature bridges over the canal(s).

Setting off:-

Bruges by Boat 1

Typical view:-

View from Boat, Bruges

Not quite “mind your head”:-

Under Canal Bridge, Bruges

But certainly do this time. I think this was the one the guide said was the lowest:-

Lowest Bridge, Bruges

Looking back to low bridge:-

Looking back to Low Bridge, Bruges

Bridge and swans:-

Bridge and Swans, Bruges

Furthest bridge on the trip. I think the building beyond the bridge is something to do with the water management system in Bruges:-

Furthest Bridge, Bruges

Side bridge and swans. The bridge wasn’t one we went under. It looks too low for that:-

Side Bridge and Swans, Bruges

Birds at the Helix, Falkirk

On the path to the Kelpies (see previous post) we saw a family of swans on the other side of the canal. A dog was being walked and had to be wary of the adults.

Closer to the Kelpies a more exotic bird was being exercised. It turned out a man took his parrot there every day. It could fly about a bit on the end of a line. I caught it below when it was on the ground.

Parrot on a stick. Well, on a lead:-

Kelpies  parrot

On the walk back to the car the swans had moved over to the near side of the canal and settled down by the side of the path. A wide berth was given and warnings shouted to kids on bikes not to get close:-

Swans + Cygnets 1

Swans + Cygnets 2

This Year’s Cygnets

I was in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy last month and the swans have seven cygnets this year.

This Year's Cygnets

This Year's Cygnets 2

This Year’s Brood

After our move to pastures new on April 4th the good lady and I finally made it back for a look at Beveridge Park in Kirkcaldy on June 1st.

The swans look to have four cygnets this year. (They may have had more and lost some but it was almost two months since we’d been at the park so wouldn’t know about that.)

Cygnets Again

(Not to mention several ducks.) In Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy, 22/7/2013.

We hadn’t seen all five cygnets the previous twice we’d been to the park before I took this photo so were pleased to see there wasn’t one missing this time.

They’re showing some adult plumage now.

5 grown cygnets

Only Five Now

The number of cygnets in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy had, by 7th June, fallen to five. I don’t know what happened to the missing one.

5 cygnets

Cygnets in May

At the back end of May I took this photo of this year’s Beveridge Park cygnets (still six) – not to mention the parents and a duck.

Swans and Cygnets Again

More From Beveridge Park

About a week ago in the Beveridge Park I took these two photos of 6 cygnets and an army of goslings. You can see trailing from her mouth the weed the pen has pulled up from the bottom of the pond to feed the cygnets.

Cygnets Again

Geese and Goslings

7 Cygnets (-1) + 4 Goslings

Two days ago we were in the Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy (without the camera) and for the first time this year saw the local swans’ new brood of cygnets. We counted 7 young ones – good going we thought: previously the pair have only ever managed two offspring!

The geese beat them to it. Last week we had seen about 12 goslings on the water.

Today – with camera – there were sadly only 6 cygnets. You can see them here:-

6 Cygnets + Pen (+Cob)

The cob was off in the background chasing the geese on the path which surrounds the pond.

Slightly earlier three of the cygnets were on their own a bit.

3 cygnets

The other three had stuck close to mum.

3 Cygnets  +  Pen

While we were going round the path some more-newly hatched goslings crossed in front of us.


The cob had left the water to chase the other geese well away and was displaying fiercely.

Cob Threatening Geese.

Swan Update

We took a turn around the Beveridge Park today and there was one (almost completely white plumaged now) cygnet with its parents. They and some ducks were being fed bread by some idiots. A bit pointless; bread has no nutritional value for swans.

A few seconds later we spotted the sibling cygnet halfway round the pond. (Must be the awkward one.)

Obviously they haven’t been driven off yet. Where they were last time we were in the park I have no idea.

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