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Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 53: Peterhead (iii)

Art Deco Building, Peterhead. Now home to Superdrug:-

Art Deco Building, Peterhead

Art Deco Former Pub, Peterhead. Next to former Regal/Kingsway cinema, Marischal Street:-

Art Deco Former Pub, Peterhead.

Once the Drummer’s Bar, now unoccupied:-

Art Deco (Former) Pub, Peterhead

Worcester: Art Deco Shops (ii)

Now a charity shop, ageUK. Nice detailing on the roofline and round the windows

ageUK, Worcester, Worcestershire,

There is another charity shop right beside ageUK which is a bit deco.

Art Deco styled shop, Worcester, Worcestershire

Then there was Superdrug. I like the wavy lines. There’s another red telephone box outside here! That makes two on this trip.

Superdrug, Worcester, Worcestershire

Not to mention O2. Strong verticals and horizontals. The windows here are also very good. And there’s detailing below the brickwork, on the shopfront. Pity the bunting got in the way.

Art Deco shop, Worcester, Worcestershire,

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