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Art Deco in Warnemünde

There was quite a lot of Deco style (certainly Moderne style) in Warnemünde. Most of it is of relatively recent construction though.

This was directly across the River Warnow from the ship’s berth. Loads of horizontals and verticals, then there are those semi-circular projections at the entrance:-

Art Deco in Warnemünde

From beach. Wellenrausch Restaurant and Cafe. Kurhaus. Paulo Scutaro Ristorante. Hellas Greichische Gastlichnet. Rule of three in windows, canopies, rounded ends.

Warnemünde, Modern Art Deco

This also fronted (backed?) onto the beach:-

deco , Warnemunde, Germany

Seebad, Eines der schönsten erholungsgeblete der Ostsee, (one of the most beautiful relaxation spots on the Baltic Sea.) Sweeping curves, plus horizontals and rule of three in windows:-

Seebar, Art Deco Style in Warnemünde

On the walk back to town there was this shop. Meermode (Sea Fashion):-

Warnemünde, Art Deco Style

Art Deco Style, Warnemünde

More Modern Warnemünde

Rooftop garden:-

Rooftop Garden, Warnemünde

Close-up on rooftop plants:-

Warnemünde, Close-up on Rooftop Garden

Deco-ish style house. It’s mainly the rounded bay window, here:-

Decoish House, Warnemünde

Civic planting:-

planting in Warnemunde, Germany

Planting, Warnemünde

Warnemünde, Planting

planting in Warnemunde, Germany

Just at the ship’s de-embarkation point there was an exhibition of sand sculptures, Sand Welt (Sand World):-

Sand Welt (Sand World) Sculpture, Warnemünde

By Susanne Ruseler, The Netherlands:-

Warnemünde, Sand Sculpture

By Andrius Petkus, Lithuania:-

Sand Sculpture, Warnemünde


Detail, Sand Sculpture, Warnemünde

S S Magellan at Warnemünde. Ferry across River Warnow in foreground:-

Magellan at Warnemünde

Warnemünde, Germany

Third stop on our Baltic cruise last year was Warnemünde, North Germany. It lies at the mouth of the River Warnow and is effectively the port for Rostock, of which it is administratively part.

We could have taken trips to Rostock – or Berlin – but decided not to. The Berlin one involved a long bus trip would only have allowed a few hours in the city and Rostock wasn’t particularly attractive.

From the dockside on the River Warnow you have to cross an inlet to get to the main part of Warnemünde. Looking north:-

Warnemünde, Inlet of River Warnow from Bridge

Looking south:-

Warnemünde, Looking South on Inlet of River Warnow

Warnemünde is a nice wee place with quite a lot of modern architecture but in the town centre mostly older type buildings:-

Warnemunde street, Germany

Building, Warnemünde

One of its tourist attractions is this lighthouse, which is not beside the sea:-

Lighthouse, Warnemünde

I also spotted this windmill up a side street:-

Windmill, Warnemünde

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