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Helsinki Central Railway Station (ii)

We continued to walk through this (see previous post) until we came out the main entrance.

Booking Hall wall and clock:-

Helsinki Central Railway Station

Booking Hall:-

Booking Hall, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Lighting, Helsinki Central Railway Station Booking Hall

Mural and Clock:-

Mural and Clock, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Reverse view of interior semi-circular window:-

Interior Window Wall, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Canopy above main entrance:-

Main Entrance Canopy, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Figures by main entrance. (These are mirrored on the other flank of the doors):-

Figures, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Clock Tower:-

Clock Tower, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Main Entrance and facade. (A stitch of two photos):-

Main Entrance Helsinki Central Railway Station

Helsinki Central Railway Station (i)

My first glimpse of Helsinki Central Railway Station was from a distance. I had seen this clock tower on the way to the Sibelius Monument and thought, that looks deco, so resolved to photograph it on the way back:-

Helsinki Railway Station Clock Tower

We wandered closer to investigate and discovered the building it served is the Central Railway Station. I suppose technically it’s not Deco as it was designed and built before 1920. It has elements of Art Nouveau tipping over into Deco though. The building is a masterpiece.

This is only its side entrance:-

Helsinki Railway Station Side Entrance

Close-up on arched window. Note also canopy and doors:-

Arched Window, Helsinki Railway Station

The interior was stunnning. This, arched ceiling, clock, interior partition windows is the least of it. The light fitting is a bit modern, though:-

Hallway Helsinki Railway Station

Great decoration below arched ceiling:-

Helsinki Railway Station Interior

Looking towards main entrance. Rule of three in partition windows. Great decoration on pillars and surround:-

Interior Helsinki Railway Station


Concourse Helsinki Railway Station

Arched window from inside:-

Arched Window, Helsinki Railway Station

This arched partition window is wonderful:-

Wonderful Arched Partition Window,Helsinki Railway Station


Interior Hallway, Helsinki Railway Station


Interior Detail, Helsinki Railway Station

Another arched window:-

Another arched window, Helsinki Railway Station

There’s more of this to come!

Moskovskiy Vokzal (the Moscow Station,) St Petersburg

Московский вокзал, (Moskovsky Vokzal, the Moscow Station, aka St Petersburg-Glavny) would dominate Vosstaniya Square, St Petersburg, if it were not for the Leningrad Hero City Obelisk (see previous posts.)

It’s a pity that woman is in the photo but I was pressed for time:-

Московский вокзал, (Moscow Vokzal,) St Petersburg

Russian railway stations supposedly got their designation, Vokzal, from the visit a Russian official made back in the day to observe the new-fangled railway stations at first hand. He was shown Vauxhall Station in London and said to be mightily impressed by it. It is possible that the name actually comes from Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens as Vauxhall was used in Russian for such attractions and the first railway line in the country terminated near one.

Moskovsky Vokzal is where you catch the trains to Moscow (or alight from if you came the other way):-


St Petersburg station

I spotted this frieze further into the station but couldn’t get any closer due to the barrier:-

St Petersburg station, Russia

At first I thought the sign in the photo below was for no smoking. But it’s a heart that’s struck through, not a cigarette. Since it says Rapiscan I assume it’s a security scanner and if you have a pacemaker you’d best avoid it:-

St Petersburg station, Russia

There was also a quite impressive set of doors on to Vosstaniya Square:-

St Petersburg  station doors, Russia

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