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Town Hall, Tallinn, plus Church of St Nicholas

We came upon Tallin’s Town Hall circuitously.

First the spire:-

Town Hall Spire, Tallinn

Then from the square:-

Town Hall and Square, Tallinn

The spire on this church was in a similar style to the Town Hall but its crow-stepped gables look very Scottish:-

Tallinn church, Estonia

Spire of Church of St Nicholas:-

Tallinn Church of St Nicholas Again

The church:-

Square and Church, Tallinn

The onion domes of another church (to right of Church of St Nicholas in the above picture):-

onion domes, Tallinn, Estonia

Church of St Nicholas (reverse angle):-

Tallinn church

Contrast that with more modern life. Naval ships in Tallin harbour. (MS Magellan to left.):-

Naval Ships, Tallinn Harbour

More Modern Warnemünde

Rooftop garden:-

Rooftop Garden, Warnemünde

Close-up on rooftop plants:-

Warnemünde, Close-up on Rooftop Garden

Deco-ish style house. It’s mainly the rounded bay window, here:-

Decoish House, Warnemünde

Civic planting:-

planting in Warnemunde, Germany

Planting, Warnemünde

Warnemünde, Planting

planting in Warnemunde, Germany

Just at the ship’s de-embarkation point there was an exhibition of sand sculptures, Sand Welt (Sand World):-

Sand Welt (Sand World) Sculpture, Warnemünde

By Susanne Ruseler, The Netherlands:-

Warnemünde, Sand Sculpture

By Andrius Petkus, Lithuania:-

Sand Sculpture, Warnemünde


Detail, Sand Sculpture, Warnemünde

S S Magellan at Warnemünde. Ferry across River Warnow in foreground:-

Magellan at Warnemünde

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