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Art Deco in Liverpool (vi) Modern Deco

This is clearly not a building from the 1920 or 1930s but it definitely has Deco style much like the MI5/MI6 building in London or the UCAS building in Cheltenham.

A Modern Art Deco Building, Liverpool

The Night Manager

I’ve been watching the BBC’s adaptation of John le CarrĂ©’s The Night Manager on Sunday evenings.

It has been very well done indeed – even if it does often feel like an extended audition by leading actor Tom Hiddleston for the role of James Bond.

I had my doubts about the “showing off the wares scene” in last week’s episode (20/3/16). The explosions were much more like hydrocarbons igniting rather than ordnance going off. (The napalm would look like that of course, but not the others.) There was also Roper’s mistress floating about in skimpy clothing despite complaining she felt threatened by being the only woman in an army camp. Cover up then, missus.

I thought that the change in British agent Burr from a man (in the book) to a woman worked well enough except for the scene where she revealed the reason for her determination to bring arms dealer Richard Roper to justice.

What really failed to convince me though was the implication that any British – or US – Government agency, no matter how detached from MI6 and the CIA they’re supposed to be, would give even the merest fraction of a toss about arms dealing. Listening to the news sometimes it seems it’s practically a national duty (“to protect jobs”) to flog the instruments of death to any and every sane or crazed head of state/despot/warlord – legally or otherwise.

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