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Loch Alsh

The loch leads down from its junctions with Loch Long and Loch Duich at Dornie to where it meets the sea.

From Duirinish road. Dornie is off to left, Kyle of Lochalsh to right:-

View of Loch Alsh

Loch Alsh from above looking southwest. Kyle of Lochalsh off to right:-

Loch Alsh From Above Looking Southwest

Loch Alsh from above looking southeast towards Dornie:-

Loch Alsh From Above Looking Southeast

About a mile or so outside Dornie on the road to Kyle of Lochalsh there is a cemetery. It had the Commonwealth War Graves sign

Assistant Cook G R Duffield, HMS Port Quebec, 16/10/1940, age 42:-

Lochalsh War Grave 2

Able Seaman H J Moore, HMS Trelawney, 13/9/1941, age 22:-

Lochalsh War Grave 1

Kyle of Lochalsh

Kyle of Lochalsh is a village situated at the mouth of Loch Alsh, ten or so miles from Dornie and Eilean Donan Castle.

It is perhaps most famous for being the terminus of the Kyle of Lochalsh Railway line, which nominally runs from Dingwall but the trains go on to Inverness.

Kyle of Lochalsh Railway Station:-

Kyle of Lochalsh Railway Station

The Station is effectively on the pier. Handy for goods traffic:-

Ship at Kyle of Lochalsh Pier

Part of railway line:-

Lochalsh Railway Line

Signal Box, Kyle of Lochalsh, taken from same bridge as above:-

Signal Box, Kyle of Lochalsh

The village is quite small but as I recall represented the big bad wider world of fleshpots and the like for the inhabitants of the Applecross peninsula in His Bloody Project

The most impressive building in Lochalsh is the Lochalsh Hotel which has minor Art Deco leanings:-

Lochalsh Hotel

Only a mile (or less) away is the Skye Bridge. (No need now to take a boat – bonny or otherwise – over the sea to Skye.) Skye hills in background:-

Skye Bridge

In the village there is a memorial in the form of a defused mine:-

Mine Memorial, Kyle of Lochalsh

Mine memorial inscription:-

Kyle of Lochalsh Mine Memorial Inscription

Dornie, Ross-shire, Western Highlands

As I said in my posts about it Eilean Donan Castle is situated very near to the village of Dornie in Wester Ross.

Below is a photo of Dornie from the castle. The bridge goes over the entrance to Loch Long and cuts a fair few miles off the trip to Kyle of Lochalsh:-

Dornie from Eilean Donan Castle

Dornie from the bridge over Loch Long:-

Dornie from Bridge over Loch Long

Part of Loch Alsh and hills from Eilean Donan Castle. Dornie is to right here. You can just see where the water was disturbed at the junction of Loch Long and Loch Alsh:-

Loch Alsh from Eilean Donan Castle 1

Loch Alsh from Eilean Donan Castle, looking seawards, Isle of Skye in middle distance:-

Loch Alsh from Eilean Donan Castle 2

Loch Duich from Eilean Donan Castle looking inland. Dornie is behind and slightly to the left of the viewer here, Loch Alsh off to right:-

Loch Duich from Eilean Donan Castle

The Other View That Launched a Million Shortbread Tins: Eilean Donan Castle

This post’s title alludes to the one I made on Burns’s cottage.

This is the iconic Scottish Castle, Eilean Donan, by the village of Dornie in the Highlands at the junction of Lochs Duish, Alsh and Long. We visited it in the summer of 2016.

Eilean Donan 1

Closer View:-

Eilean Donan Castle

Reverse view showing bridge to castle:-

Bridge to Eilean Donan Castle

Bridge to castle from the island:-

Eilean Donan Castle Bridge

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