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Reelin’ In The Years 15: Elected

“15?” you say. “Hadn’t this category reached no 153?”

Well, yes.

I had this noted down as having been between Julie Covington’s Only Women Bleed at 14 and Tony Joe White’s Groupy Girl at 16 in this category but when I went looking for it on the blog I couldn’t find it. Its original intended publication was in September 2011. That was the time when the blog started playing silly beggars and I lost quite a few posts before later restoring them. So, either I never posted this one in the first place or it wasn’t republished along with the others.

So here it is again. I haven’t a clue what I wrote about it all those years ago.

I suppose it’s quite topical this week for our friends across the pond.

Alice Cooper: Elected

Live It Up 49: Steamy Windows – RIP Tony Joe White

I was sad to read of the passing of singer-songwriter Tony Joe White, who died last week. His was an idiosyncratic voice.

I have already noted his sole UK hit Groupy Girl. His greatest success was perhaps as a writer of songs made famous by others. Elvis Presley recorded Polk Salad Annie (I featured White’s version here.) Tina Turner had a big hit with Steamy Windows in 1989. White’s version is a bit less strident.

Tony Joe White: Steamy Windows

White’s breakthrough as a songwriter came with Rainy Night in Georgia which has been covered multiple times. His original is still quite soulful, though.

Tony Joe White: Rainy Night in Georgia

Tony Joe White: 23/7/1943 –24/10/2018. So it goes.

Friday On My Mind 31: Polk Salad Annie

No psychedelia this week. Swamp rock instead.

And not by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Who’d have thought that two different acts would have mined such an unlikely seam of inspiration?

It was only while looking this one up that I realised Tony Joe White had also written Steamy Windows, made famous by Tina Turner. Rainy Night In Georgia was one of his too. I was going to post his Groupy Girl in this slot till I discovered that was actually from 1970.

Polk Salad Annie is perhaps better known because Elvis (Presley) recorded it a while later. It contains an immortal two lines:-

“Polk Salad Annie,
The gator’s got your granny.”


But this wasn’t a hit in the UK (or if it was, it was a small one.)

Tony Joe White: Polk Salad Annie

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