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Leaving Leningrad

Or leaving St Petersburg (as it is again.) I liked the alliteration though.

I snatched these through the coach window on the way back to the ship’s berth.

An old bridge over a waterway:-

An Old Bridge, St Petersburg

This one I realised later is on the corner of Nevsky Prospekt at the Anichkov Bridge over the River Fontanka and I had photographed it from the street:-

Palace, St Petersburg

A Fire Station:-

Fire Station, St Petersburg

This is the bridge almost hidden behind the building under construction I photographed from the ship’s prow:-

Bridge, St Petersburg

And this is the one between the ship and the Zenit Arena (aka Krestovsky Stadium) – see same link above:-

Bridge in St Petersburg

Bridge and Krestovsky Stadium:-

A Bridge  + Krestovsky Stadium, St Petersburg

Krestovsky Stadium/Zenit Arena plus part of the bridge, also two blurred birds:-

Krestovsky Stadium, St Petersburg (Zenit Arena)

Waterways, St Petersburg

St Petersburg is criss-crossed by waterways, not only the River Neva. Several of them pass under the western portion of Nevsky Prospekt. One of these is the Griboyedov Canal which runs from the Church on Spilled Blood to go under the road and on to link the River Moyka to the River Fontanka.

The Moyka River itself (see previous post) runs from the River Fontanka at the Mihailovsky Castle past the Church on Spilled Blood on under Nevsky Propekt eventually to reach the River Neva.

River Moyka, St Petersburg

The Fontanka River makes a big half loop round the city centre and under the Anichkov Bridge at Nevsky Propekt:-

Fontanka River, St Petersburg

View from Bridge over Fontanka River, St Petersburg

view down Fontanka River, St Petersburg

There’s always something pleasing about a river in the middle of a city:-

St Petersburg, Fontanka River

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