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Radio Silence Over

Just a quick one.


I had posts scheduled for Oct 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th and 9th and not one of them went on.

I’ll need to do them manually now….

(Starting tonight probably.)

Scheduling Problems

Two of the posts I had scheduled during the past week didn’t do so automatically and I have had to publish them manually well after they were due to appear.

This would not be an irritation if the problem persists except that I have eleven or so such posts scheduled for the next week or two as I may be away from the internet for a while myself which would make manual publishing difficult to say the least.

So; we’ll have to see what happens with this one, won’t we?

Edited to add:- Well it didn’t publish as scheduled.

Expect a period of radio silence from here for a while.

Categories Fixed

My categories drop-down menu has been tweaked and now should work as intended. My thanks to Duncan again.

New Blog Problems

I’ve noticed that since the blog’s migration to the new host and the conversion of my archives and categories to drop down menus that while the archive drop down is working the categories one isn’t.

I’m hoping this will be sorted out soon. In the meantime if you want to search in a category just try typing that category’s name into the search box at the top of the blog. Most of the relevant posts ought to come up then.

Bloody Robots!

The blog suffered a DDOS attack yesterday. (Distributed Denial Of Service – I knew the DOS part but not the distributed, which I looked up.)

Sorry for any inconvenience.

It seems robots were responsible and most them have now been blocked.

Fingers crossed for uninterrupted access.

Thanks again to Duncan for putting things to rights.

Blog Fixed?

I’m hoping that the problems with accessing the blog have been sorted.

A tweak has been made.

Thanks, Duncan.

Blog Embuggerance

I have been having trouble accessing my blog this past week or so.

Sometimes I get a message saying Server Not Found (server at not found.) Then suddenly, for no apparent reason I can get back in again.

Goodness knows why. I can’t account for it. I hope no-one else is having the same problem. If so bear with me. My blog administrator is looking into it.

Blog Shifted

My blog has now been moved over to a different server.

Thanks again, Duncan.

I hope this means things will function better than they have recently.

Edited to add: Looking through recent posts it seems the move has caused a problem with old posts having an apostrophe (‘) or dash (-) in them not appearing as they were originally typed. I’ve amended a few of these but I doubt I will be bothered going back to change them all.

Blog Silly Beggars

You may have noticed a lack of postings here recently.

The blog has been playing silly beggars again; something to do with hosting. There are plans afoot to move it to another host.

Fingers crossed.

Blog Problems

I’ve been having some problems accessing my blog over the past few days.

I’ve asked my blog administrator to have a look at it. I’m here, so I hope it’s fixed now.

Thank you, Duncan.

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