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New Blog Problems

I’ve noticed that since the blog’s migration to the new host and the conversion of my archives and categories to drop down menus that while the archive drop down is working the categories one isn’t.

I’m hoping this will be sorted out soon. In the meantime if you want to search in a category just try typing that category’s name into the search box at the top of the blog. Most of the relevant posts ought to come up then.

Bloody Robots!

The blog suffered a DDOS attack yesterday. (Distributed Denial Of Service – I knew the DOS part but not the distributed, which I looked up.)

Sorry for any inconvenience.

It seems robots were responsible and most them have now been blocked.

Fingers crossed for uninterrupted access.

Thanks again to Duncan for putting things to rights.

Blog Fixed?

I’m hoping that the problems with accessing the blog have been sorted.

A tweak has been made.

Thanks, Duncan.

Blog Embuggerance

I have been having trouble accessing my blog this past week or so.

Sometimes I get a message saying Server Not Found (server at not found.) Then suddenly, for no apparent reason I can get back in again.

Goodness knows why. I can’t account for it. I hope no-one else is having the same problem. If so bear with me. My blog administrator is looking into it.

Blog Shifted

My blog has now been moved over to a different server.

Thanks again, Duncan.

I hope this means things will function better than they have recently.

Edited to add: Looking through recent posts it seems the move has caused a problem with old posts having an apostrophe (‘) or dash (-) in them not appearing as they were originally typed. I’ve amended a few of these but I doubt I will be bothered going back to change them all.

Blog Silly Beggars

You may have noticed a lack of postings here recently.

The blog has been playing silly beggars again; something to do with hosting. There are plans afoot to move it to another host.

Fingers crossed.

Blog Problems

I’ve been having some problems accessing my blog over the past few days.

I’ve asked my blog administrator to have a look at it. I’m here, so I hope it’s fixed now.

Thank you, Duncan.

Not Just Ireland

Beside the Irish shelves in my local supermarket there are no less than two others of produce surely intended to be sold in the US.

Second Set of US Shelves, Kirkcaldy Supermarket

First Set of US Shelves, Kirkcaldy Supermarket

A few of these things I’ve read about, Hershey bars (chocolate,) Jello (jelly.* – At £1.50 a packet no less. One of the packets was chocolate flavoured; how do you get chocolate flavoured jelly? The picture on the packet showed the stuff was opaque. Weird.) Lifesavers(??) Hominy grits. The rest is more or less a mystery apart from what were obviously cereals.

I suppose this has turned up here because the supermarket concerned has just abandoned its attempts to make inroads into the US market.

Here are two close-ups. Click either side to enlarge.

First Set of US Shelves, Kirkcaldy, Detail

US Shelves Kirkcaldy Detail

What on Earth is this stuff?

(*What Usians call jelly we call jam, I think. See my post on Jelly Jungle.)


I was thinking about Cadbury’s Caramello again today and I suddenly remembered that the bar had another name, Caramilk. It had disappeared once before and was brought back under a new name.

I can’t now remember which name came first – possibly Caramilk was the one which was around in my youth and Caramello came later.

I looked up Caramilk and it seems there is a bar of this name sold by Cadbury’s in Canada, and Caramello is found in the US, Australia and New Zealand. The Wiki article doesn’t mention Ireland though.

Here’s a link to the Irish shop and its picture of a Caramello bar which looks more like the non-vending machine size I remember buying back in the day. When I looked there though it said, “Sold Out!”

Some of the images on this page (I see mine has got on there somehow; it’s about halfway down) are of the old packaging.

Blast From The Past

I hadn’t seen one of these in years. But on 20/4/13 in my local supermarket I found for sale Cadbury’s Caramello.

Cadbury's Caramello Wrapper

Caramello is much better than the more common Cadbury’s Caramel.

I remember there used to be a Caramello bar about 1½ times the size of this though these ones could be found in vending machines back in the day.

Not only was there Caramello on that shelf but also Tiffin* bars, Mint Crisps and Golden Crisps – all of which have been notable by their absence for years from British shops.

These all may be Cadbury’s Ireland products. The Caramello bears the legend, “Official treat provider to the Irish Olympic team.”

Does this mean Caramello has been available in Ireland all this time?

Cadbury’s website has no trace of these products. Lucky Irish right enough.

*I never ever consumed a Tiffin: they have raisins in them. I always feel eating raisins, sultanas or currants must be like biting into a blister. I try to avoid them all.

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