Calke Abbey

Calke Abbey in Derbyshire is not actually an Abbey at all – and never has been. It is in fact a stately home but one of its owners thought that calling it an Abbey would give it a touch of gravitas.

Calke “Abbey” from distance:-

Calke Abbey from distance

It is now run by the National Trust who took it over when the previous owner died. He had lived there more or less on his own for years with hardly any modern amenities and the place had been un”improved” for decades.

Unusually the National Trust decided not to restore the interior and contents but to leave them much as they had been found. This is in a gloriously cluttered and somewhat dilapidated state:-

Cluttered Room, Calke Abbey

Toy room:-

toy room clutter 2 doll's house

Rocking horse:-

toy room, rocking horse, nursery, Calke Abbey

Nursery clutter:-

nursery clutter, old toys, Calke Abbey

Part of library:-

Library, Calke Abbey

Clutter was also common in the larger rooms:-

Calke Abbey, Derbyshire, National Trust

Calke Abbey, Derbyshire, National Trust

At the end of the tour you can go through a tunnel which I think was intended for use by servants to access the stables without being seen by their employers or their guests. It brings you out at said stables:-

Stables, Calke Abbey

Looking towards the Abbey:-

Stables, Calke Abbey

Closer view of Abbey’s rear:-

Calke Abbey From Stables

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