Art Deco in Blackpool (viii) Seen from a Tram

We took a Blackpool tram all the way up to Fleetwood and back down to the southern terminus then back up to Blackpool again.

I’m afraid some of these photos are blurry due to being taken through the tram’s window.

Lots of the tram stops have deco features:-

Tram Stop, Blackpool

Another Blackpool Tram Stop

Including Bispham:-

Bispham Tram Stop, Blackpool

This is the former Store Twenty One in Fleetwood, unoccupied at the time of the photo:-

Art Deco Shop, Fleetwood, Lancashire

I saw Fleetwood’s football ground off in the distance but too far for a photo. The town has a more or less typical seaside town park and pavilion but looks alittle down on its luck. not too many people about. Note too the bus shelter:-

Pavilion, Fleetwood, Lancashire

Reverse view:-

Fleetwood Pavilion

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