Leaving Ferrol

The bunkering finished and the Black Watch eventually set off some hours late.

Ferrol harbour outlet:-

Ferrol Harbour Outlet

On the starboard side was this collection of houses:-

Houses by Seaside near Ferrol

This was a different (small) harbour on the port side as we sailed. Mugardos?:-

Another Harbour near Ferrol

The estuary narrowed for a bit on the way out and there were old fortifications on each side of the estuary.

To port side:-

Fortification to Port Side, Ferrol Estuary

To starboard was the Castle San Felipe (Castelo San Felipe):-

Castle San Filipe, Near Ferrol

Castle San Felipe slipway:-

Castle San Filipe, Slipway

If you look carefully at this photo you should see some gunsmoke coming from the castle. As a “greeting” to the ship there was a guy in mediaeval costume firing a blunderbuss or some such thing:-

Castle San Filipe, Gunsmoke

Castle San Felipe:-

Castle San Filipe 4

Looking back to port side fortification, pilot boat following the ship:-

Fortification, Ferrol Estaury

There was a third fortification on the starboard side a bit further out from Ferrol. Pleasure boat in foreground:-

Third Fortification, Ferrol Estaury

The pilot boat zoomed a little closer after we’d made it past the narrows:-

Pilot Boat

This quarry was the last sign of human activity before the ocean:-

Quarry near Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

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