Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 44 (i): Montrose

This looks like it was once a Woolworths:-

Montrose Former Woolworths

This one’s now a Clinton’s:-

Art Deco Shop, Montrose

And this is a Ladbroke’s:-

Another Art Deco Shop, Montrose 3

The glazing on the Ladbroke’s is good:-

Glazing, Art Deco, Montrose

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  1. Craig Haggis

    Yes, that was a Woolworths. I am from Montrose myself, and have to be honest I’ve never noticed any art deco architecture around the town. It’s nice to see that there is, even if it’s on a fairly modest level. Brechin next?

  2. jackdeighton

    Thanks for the confirmation.
    I have been in Brechin but not for a while. I don’t remember any Art Deco there but then again I wasn’t looking for it. The old Woolies there might be in the style I suppose. Their buildings almost always were of that vintage.

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