Friday On My Mind 87: Captain Pugwash

Captain Pugwash was a cartoon precursor to Sir Prancelot (see last week) and featured a similarly bumbling lead character in the shape of the eponymous captain of the ship The Black Pig.

Strictly speaking this isn’t a sixties piece since Captain Pugwash first appeared on television in the 1950s. However my folks didn’t get themselves a television till 1960 so as far as I’m concerned it belongs firmly in the 60s.

There is an urban myth that the cartoon series was a repository of filth/sexual innuendo. This is NOT TRUE.

The cabin boy was called Tom not Roger, there was no seaman Staines and it was Master Mate with an M not a B. The Sunday Correspondent and The Guardian both had to pay libel damages for printing this misconception.

The jaunty signature tune is apparently called The Trumpet Hornpipe.

Captain Pugwash (The Trumpet Hornpipe)

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