Ian Black

I see Ian Black of Rangers has been banned for three matches (with a further seven suspended till the end of the season.)

Three matches?

For betting against your own team?

It’s hardly draconian. It’s less than you get for kicking somebody.

Doesn’t this just give carte blanche to Scottish footballers to bet when and how they like? If it’s only going to be a three match ban where is the deterrent?

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  1. neilwilliamson

    C’mon, Jack, isn’t this a little disingenuous? The ban is for 10 games, with seven suspended. The presumption is that the rest of the ban will be imposed if he reoffends – which, if he’s as uncaring about the rules as he (and many others in Scottish football) seems to have become, is surely a possibility.

    I’m no lover of Black, but I think the punishment is a fair one. What it says to me is that they know that there’s a culture in the game in Scotland of ignoring the rule against gambling on football (possibly because no one’s been punished for it in the past); that they could go to any club in the country and find two or three or ten players doing exactly the same. To me the three – with the possibility of becoming ten – match ban is a Clean Up Yer Act warning. It’s saying: we’re aware of this, and while in practice we’re going relatively lightly on the guy we’ve chosen to make an example of, if it continues and we have to start imposing bans across the board then we will, and there’s a precedent for them being lengthy.

    For me, it does anything *but* give carte blanche to the footballing community to carry on as they have been. But we’ll see if it has any effect, I suppose.

  2. jackdeighton

    I mostly agree with what you’re saying, Neil, and am well aware that there is a culture of gambling – in and outside football – and that this case means no player now has an excuse of ignorance.
    But betting against your own team is to me worse than using banned substances – for which lengthy suspensions are routine. Surely it would have been better to issue a ban of longer than three matches and have a hefty extension of the suspended portion.

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