The Push by Dave Hutchinson

Newcon Press, 2009, 95p

The Push

The Push is the freebie book included in my BSFA August mailing in lieu of the usual magazine.

I realized when I was reading this that it was a story that had been nominated for the BSFA award in 2010 and appeared in the BSFA booklet. My thoughts on it at that time are here.

I may have been a trifle harsh on that occasion. Re-reading it I found the characterization again fine, the humour agreeable and not overdone and the plot satisfying. Perhaps it being in book rather than booklet form had a subliminal effect, lending it more gravitas; maybe I was just in a better mood. As its appearance in book form suggests The Push is not really a short story, more a novella. It’s a fine example of Science Fiction, worthy of its nomination.

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