The Internet Is Odd

I never know which posts of mine will spark interest (except for the fact that Art Deco ones will continue to garner viewers even months later.)

I had a wee spike in my stats a couple of days ago, though.

Amd which of my pearls of wisdom were these seekers of truth investigating?

This one.

Why? In what way is it possibly topical?

Has some teacher/tutor somewhere set a task related to Afghanistan? Or Harold McMillan?

Actually, when I type in “Never Invade Afghanistan” to Google my post comes seventh. Is that what brought folk to my blog? Or is that ranking only because I typed it in? Do other people see me lower down the rankings?

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  1. MrH

    I see you third Doc!

  2. jackdeighton

    Thanks Mr H.
    I’m still seventh on mine.

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