Friday On My Mind 25: Reflections Of My Life

According to the sleeve notes on a collection tape I looked at once, this song was the single most played track on US FM radio during the last quarter of the twentieth century.

Not a Beatles tune, not one from the Stones, not even an effort by a US band but instead the accolade goes to a bunch of boys from Glasgow.

I have featured Marmalade (as they became) before; to brighten up my post on the demise of the name Norman.

This is probably the best song they ever did.

Marmalade: Reflections Of My Life

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  1. Sonnyrock

    Previously known as Dean Ford and The Gaylords!

  2. jackdeighton

    Yea, I know. The first link takes you to the Gaylords webpage.
    No-one would dare use that name now!

  3. Sonnyrock

    Their original manager was in the police with my dad.

  4. jackdeighton

    That’s not a bad claim to (partial) fame. For both of you.

  5. bigrab

    Saw them (well two of them playing acoustically) at Oran Mor a couple of years ago. Very good they were too.

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