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Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 40 (iii): Greenbank, Helensburgh

Greenbank is a classic Art Deco house in Helensburgh – once West Dunbartonshire but now – after the Tories gerrymandered Scottish council areas in 1976 in an attempt to bolster their representation, not that that’s how it turned out – in Argyll and Bute

Strong horizontals and verticals, rounded canopy and balcony, appears to be Critall windows still. They’ve not been “poked out” anyway. It looks more like cream than white rendering, though, but that’s okay:-

Greenbank, Helensburgh

The colour scheme reminds me of Wolverton in Silver End.

Greenbank, Helensburgh

A side view:-

Side View, Greenbank, Helensburgh

Wolverton, Silver End

On the way out of Silver End we passed another Art Deco house so of course I had to stop to photograph it.

This is Wolverton, also on Boar’s Tye Road.

Wolverton (close up)

It’s nice that the plants outside the door reflect the house’s symmetry – even if the climber doesn’t.

Wolverton, side view

The balcony, with its W motif, is a nice touch and the gatepost (see below) is exquisite.

Wolverton, left side view

The housing estate I mentioned in my last Art Deco post was built by Francis Henry Critall for the workers at his window factory in the village.

This more stylish house was for one of the factory managers to live in. I presume the other biggish Deco house in Boar’s Tye Road (see my last Art Deco post,) though not quite as elaborate as Wolverton, was also for a manager.

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