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Coniston War Memorial

Coniston is a village in Cumbria in the English Lake District, near the lake which also bears the name (Coniston Water.) Its War Memorial is a cross with Celtic styling. Inscribed, “These men of Coniston gave their lives for their country 1914 – 1918,” followed by the Great War names and below, “1939 – 1945,” with Second World War Names beneath it:-

Coniston War Memorial

Coniston War Memorial Dedication

Very close by there is a memorial to a Victoria Cross awardee, Lance Corporal James Hewitson, King’s Own Royal Lancashire Regiment, 26/4/1918:-

VC Dedication by Coniston War Memorial

Lance Corporal Hewitson was one of the luckier VC recipients. His grave, to the right of the War Memorial in the first photo above, shows he died on 2/3/1963:-

Grave of VC Winner, Coniston

Though the lake is not easily visible from the village its approaches and main street are dominated by a hill, the Old Man of Coniston:-

Old Man of Coniston

Individual War Memorials, Copenhagen

From the top of Copenhagen’s Gefion Fountain looking over the canal/moat round the Kastellet (first picture in that post) I could see off to the left in the middle distance what looked very much like a War Memorial, so made my way in that direction.

However, on the way down towards it, after passing St Albans Kirke, I came across three memorials to individual Danes.

Memorial to Thomas Dinesen. Private Dinesen, 1899-1979, became a member of the Quebec Regiment of the Canadian Black Watch, and was awarded the Victoria Cross in World War 1 on 12th August 1918. Inscribed “Opført af de Allierdes Danske Vaabenfæller.” (Constructed by the Allied Danes brothers in arms?):-

Memorial to Thomas Dinesen, Copenhagen

Memorial to Anders Lassen. Born on 9/9/1920, Major Lassen won the Victoria Cross, Military Cross and two bars. Inscribed, “Faldet for danmarks frihed i allieret tjeneste,” (fallen for Denmark’s freedom in Allied Service) “9 April 1945,” and also “Opsat af frihedkampens veteraner (erected by the veterans of the fight for freedom) 9/4/1987.”

Memorial to Anders Lassen, Copenhagen

Kaj Birksted Memorial. Per Ardua ad Astra, Wing Commander Flying, Lieutenant-Colonel Birksted, DSO, OBE, DFC, krigskorset m Sverd og Stjerne p p (the war cross with swords and star) Flying Ace. Erected by the Kaj Birksted Committee, 5/5/2010:-

Kaj Birksted Memorial, Copenhagen

Memorial Paving Stone, Glasgow Green

This stone is inlaid into the paving round the Doulton Fountain outside The People’s Palace, Glasgow Green.

Glasgow Green Memorial Stone

It commemorates Henry May, the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles,) 2/10/1914.

Was this the first WW 1 casualty from Glasgow?

Edited to add (13/6/15):- I’ve just noticed the insignia inscribed on the stone is of a Victoria Cross. I presume therefore that Henry May won that medal hence his commemoration.

Kelso War Memorial

The memorial is sited in a lovely garden hard by the Abbey.

Kelso Abbey + War Memorial

The memorial centres around a pedestal surmounted by a cross. This is flanked by stone walls bearing name panels.

Kelso War Memorial

This aspect faces the road. The pedestal has a figure in a niche and the inscription on the stone is to the Great War.

Kelso War Memorial close

This photo shows the plaques on the inner sides of the walls on which are inscribed the names. The lower plaque on each stone is for World War 2.

Kelso War Memorial Plaques

Lots of Polish soldiers were stationed in Kelso during World War 2 and trained there. This plaque – on the rear wall of the gardens – commemorates three who died in training.

Kelso Polish War Memorial

An accompanying plaque acknowledges the welcome the Polish forces received in the town. I believe they caused quite a stir among the local ladies!

Kelso Polish War Memorial Appreciation

Also at the back of the gardens is this plaque to a soldier from Kelso who won a VC in the Boer War.

Kelso Boer War Memorial

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