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Red Kites near Threave Castle

On the way back to the car park at Threave Castle we saw – and heard – some red kites but they weren’t making much noise when I took this video.

Red KItes Circling near Threave Castle

River Dee at Threave Castle

I poisted about the castle itself yesterday.

Threave Castle Harbour:-

Threave Castle Harbour

It’s a very small harbour, now of course disused:-

Threave Castle Harbour

River Dee from bird-watching hide. There are supposed to be ospreys about but we didn’t see any birds close enough to be sure that’s what they were. It’s a lovely quiet spot though:-

River Dee at Threave Castle

Bend in River Dee:-

River Dee near Threave Castle

River from Castle grounds:-

View of River Dee at Threave Castle

Threave Castle from path to osprey viewing area:-

Threave Castle from Osprey viewing area

Threave Castle

Threave Castle sits on an island in the River Dee near the town of Castle Douglas (see here and here) in Dumfries and Galloway.

There’s a fairly long walk from the car park and visitor centre to the landing area to get the boat across the river to the castle.

The walk is circular and this photo was taken on the way back to the car park:-

Threave Castle From Circular Path

Castle across River Dee:-

Threave Castle

The river apparently isn’t very deep but Historic Scotland (in whose care the castle is) is careful about how you cross. You can see the island’s jetty to the right here:-

Threave Castle

Threave Castle closer View:-

Threave Castle, Closer in

Exterior of Tower:-

Threave Castle, Exterior of Tower

Arrowslits in exterior wall:-

Threave Castle, Exterior Wall Arrowslits

Inside the tower:-

Window in Threave Castle

A model of the castle is in the case in the centre:-

Threave Castle Interior

Castle model:-

Model of Threave Castle

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