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Drymen, Stirlingshire

Drymen (pronounced ‘drimmin’) is a village in Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Main road through the village.

Road Through Drymen, Stirling District

The village is now bypassed so there’s not too much traffic but you have to go through it to access the road to the east side of Loch Lomond and the foot of Ben Lomond.

Shop and War Memorial. The War Memorial is behind the road signs.

Shop and War Memorial, Drymen

Drymen War Memorial. From southeast. A simple cross above a column on a rectangular base. Great War names:-

Drymen War Memorial

Drymen War Memorial. Dedication reads, “The Great War 1914-1918. On this Memorial are inscribed the names of the men of this parish who at the call of King and country left all taht was dear to them endured hardship faced danger and finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self-sacrifice giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom. Let those who come after see to it that their names be not forgotten.”

Dedication, Drymen War Memorial

From north. Dedication and WW2 panel to left. Nearest panel contains Great War names:-

War Memorial, Drymen

Art Decoish Extension, Drymen. Thirties style at any rate. Banded contrasting painting, flat roof.

Art Decoish Extension, Drymen

A Book and a Heron

From Menstrie we moved on to an antiques centre just outside Doune in Stirlingshire where both the good lady and myself bought books.

The one I stumbled upon was Recent English Architecture 1920-1940. Published by Country Life, the content was “selected by the English Architecture Club.” Its cover is shown below.

Recent English Architecture 1920-1940

Lots of great Art Deco buildings are pictured inside. The cover illustration is of Woodside Ventilation Station, Mersey Tunnel, Liverpool. It’s one of those brooding, monolithic, Stalinistic edifices.

From Doune we retreated to Bridge of Allan where we dined out (which is to say we dined inside, of course.)

Afterwards we took a stroll through the town and over its eponymous bridge where I spotted this heron in the Allan Water.

Heron in Allan Water

This bird is a bit scruffy looking but they’re fascinating creatures. I don’t remember it moving at all while we were watching it.

Bridge of Allan War Memorial

The War Memorial in Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, is situated in a small park just as you enter the town from the direction of the Wallace Monument. It’s cenotaph-like and imposing.

These photos were taken back in the summer using the old camera and looking at them it seems it may have been on the way out even then.

Bridge of Allan War Memorial

Bridge of Allan War Memorial

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 23: Bridge of Allan!

This is the Allan Water Café. Quite a few of Scotland’s rivers are named something Water, (the Leithen Water is an example, and there is also of course the Water of Leith.) Though the river is only a few tens of metres away to the left of the photos you don’t actually see it when driving over the bridge as the parapet is too high for that.

Anyway the café has a typical 30s café frontage. This is from further along the road. Note the detailing above the windows and door. The more modern extension to the right (not in photo) isn’t deco but was full of customers when I took this.

Allan Water Café from right

The facade has pronounced deco features; horizontals and verticals emphasised in the glazing, nice detailing above the door. It seems to have been an addition to the front of an older house.

Allan Water Café Front view

More detailing above the window and door of the furthest left portion of the building complex.

Allan Water Café close view to left

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