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More Liverpool War Memorials

There is a cluster of memorials on the riverfront of the Mersey in Liverpool – all relating to World War 2.

The SS Arandora Star was torpedoed west of Donegal on 2/7/1940. Over 800 drowned:-

Arandora Star Memorial, Liverpool

HMT Lancastria was sunk off St Nazaire 17/6/1940 while evacuating British servicemen and civilans. Up to 6,000 people lost their lives:-

HMT Lancastria Memorial, Liverpool

Memorial to ranks and ratings who died on shore with no known grave:-

On Shore Navy Casualties Memorial. Liverpool

Repatriation Memorial, commemorating the return of Far East prisoners of war and detainees:-

Repatriation Memorial, Liverpool

Merchant Navy Memorial, Liverpool

“Dedicated to the men and women who gave their lives willingly for the freedom of others and have no grave but the sea,” followed by,
“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them”:-

Merchant Navy Memorial, Liverpool

Reverse view. “1914-1918 and all 1939-1945.”
“This memorial dedicated to the Merchant Navy was donated to the people of Liverpool by the Liverpool Retired Merchant Seafarers and handed to the city by the Rt Honourable John Prescott Deputy Prime Minister 30th October 1998”:-

Reverse of Merchant Navy Memorial, Liverpool

Cunard Building in background.

Captain F J Walker Memorial, Liverpool

A statue on Liverpool waterfront of Captain F J Walker CB DSO***, Royal Navy, 1896-1944.

Captain F J Walker Memorial, Liverpool

“In Memory of Captain F J Walker CB DSO***, Royal Navy, the men of his 36th Escort and 2nd Support Groups and all those who fought in the Battle of the Atlantic.”

(Museum of Liverpool in background with the Memorial to those lost at sea to right.)

No Grave but the Sea, Liverpool, Naval War Memorial

By the River Mersey, Liverpool, lies this memorial to Merchant Navy personnel who died serving in the Royal Navy and have no known grave. The names are engraved on the brass panels:-

Liverpool, Naval War Memorial

Central pedestal:-

Central Pedestal, Liverpool Naval War Memorial

Inscription. “These officers and men of the merchant navy died while serving with the Royal Navy and have no grave but the sea. 1939-1945”:-

Inscription, Liverpool Naval War Memorial

Reverse view:-

Reverse View, Liverpool Naval War Memorial

Cunard War Memorial, Liverpool

On the west side of the Cunard Building in Liverpool lies this Memorial dedicated to Cunard employees who died in the Great War and World War 2. A figure of Victory atop a column with a depiction of a boat extending either side of the column halfway up. “Pro Patria 1914-1918, 1939-1945”:-

Cunard War Memorial, Liverpool

Albert Dock, Liverpool

This was where the ITV programme This Morning used to be broadcast from. There was a weather map floating on the dock’s surface.

Weather Map photo (from Wikipedia) taken by Mike Pennington:-

This Morning weather map

Many years after its weather presenter spent his mornings leaping from Britain to Ireland and back again he was prosecuted for child abuse, found guilty and jailed. Liverpool is most likely glad ITV moved from there some time ago.

Albert Dock, Liverpool:-

Albert Dock, Liverpool

The dock is now home to a variety of pleasure boats while the old warehouses on the docks are filled with shops and eateries.

Boat in Albert Dock:-

Boat in Albert Dock, Liverpool

View of and from Albert Dock, Liverpool with Museum of Liverpool, Cunard Building and Royal Liver Building in the background:-

View of and from Albert Dock, Liverpool

Meanwhile Back

The Beatles song about Penny Lane in Liverpool makes it sound quite urban but at the end where the famous street sign is it’s leafy. (That’s our tour bus parked at the side of the road):-

Penny Lane

Street name sign. (Not original. They keep getting nicked):-

Penny Lane sign

More leafiness but beginnng to get built-up:-

Penny Lane, Liverpool

Still more buildings:-

More of Penny Lane, Liverpool

Mostly residential but a few workplaces. Some of the workers wave at the tour bus:-

Penny Lane

There’s a barber shop in this one (but I didn’t see a banker waiting for a trim):-

Barber Shop, Penny Lane, Liverpool

End of Penny Lane. The white-painted building is the Penny Lane Hotel:-

Penny Lane Continuation, Liverpool

Not Penny Lane but instead the road where Paul McCartney was brought up. (The bus isn’t allowed to go along it as there’s no suitable turning place):-

McCartney's Road

The Beatles: Penny Lane

Let Me Take You Down ….

…. because I’ve been to Strawberry Fields. (Or more correctly it seems Strawberry Field.):-

Strawberry Fields, Liverpool

Behind these gates was apparently a children’s home and though Wikipedia has John Lennon climbing into the place to play with them the guide on the bus tour our friends had booked said he would play truant from his own school hoping to catch a glimpse of girls beyond the trees behind the gates.

The present gates are replicas:-

Strawberry Fields

When Lennon’s parents’ marriage fell apart he was taken in by his Aunt Mimi.

This is her house. They had a reasonably comfortable existence here you’d think:-

John Lennon's Aunt Mimi's House Liverpool

Note the notice on the gate post and the blue plaque on the house:-

Aunt Mimi's house

In Liverpool reminders of the Beatles are never far away. Sgt Pepper flower bed:-

Sergeant Pepper Flower Bed, Liverpool

Memorial plaque:-

Beatles Memorial Plaque

The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever

The Cavern Club, Liverpool

Opposite the Cavern Club, Liverpool, is a Wall of Fame:-

The Cavern Wall of Fame

The statue of a Beatle (John Lennon from the looks) lounges by the Wall of Fame, here accompanied by two tourists:-

Beatle Statue and Fans, Liverpool

Each brick has inscribed on it the name of an act which has performed at the Cavern Club. Wall of Fame plaque:-

Cavern Club Wall of Fame Plaque

Some of the commemorative bricks:-

Commemorative Bricks Oppsite Cavern Club, Liverpool

The internal walls of the club are covered by memorabilia. Not only of the Beatles:-

The Cavern

Beatles Memorabilia

Beatles Memorabilia

but also other rock and rollers:-

Chuck Berry Memorabilia

Four Liverpool Lads

In my last “Art Deco in Liverpool” post I mentioned John Lennon.

He was of course one of the four Liverpool lads who were probably the town’s most famous export. (Export in the sense that their music went all over the world.)

I refer to The Beatles. A (larger than life size) statue of the four stands near the Liverpool waterfront:-

Four Liverpool Lads

It is difficult to move in Liverpool without stumbling over something to do with the four. This is the entrance to Matthew Street wherein lies the Cavern Club where they had a residency back in the day. (Note the establishment known as Sgt Pepper’s to the right):-

Matthew Street, Liverpool

The club is not the same as the one The Beatles used to play in. Part of the original no longer exists and the entrance has been moved. Below is the old Entrance to Cavern Club. The Cilla Black statue to the front commemorates her stint as a cloakroom attendant at the establishment:-

Old Entrance to Cavern Club, Liverpool

New entrance:-

The Cavern new entrance

Entering the venue proper requires going down a fairly steep set of stairs:-

The Cavern stairs

The arched interior is a little claustrophobic:-

Interior Arches, Cavern Club, Liverpool

I have more photos of the Cavern Club but this is enough to be going on with.

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