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More War Memorials, St Chad’s, Shrewsbury

King’s Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI) Roll of Honour:-

KSLI Roll of Honour, St Chad's, Shrewsbury

Roll of Honour, Shropshire Towns:-

Roll of Honour, Shropshire Towns, St Chad's, Shrewsbury

KSLI Battle Honours, St Chad’s, Shrewsbury:-

Great War and World War 2-

KSLI Battle Honours, St Chad's, Shrewsbury

Other Conflicts-

KSLI Other Conflicts Battle Honours

King’s Shropshire Light Infantry and Herefordshire Regiment Memorial

There’s a whole room in St Chad’s, Shrewsbury, dedicated to the memory of the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry and the Herefordshire Regiment which were affiliated in 1881.

Doorway from interior. Inscribed, “To the glory of God and in memory of the men of the corps of the kIng’s Shropshire Light Infantry in which are incorporated the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry and the Herefordshire Regiment who laid down their lives in the service of their country.” (Stitch of two photos.)

Memorial Wall in St Chad's, Shrewsbury

“Aucto Splendore Resurgo.” 4th Battalion King’s Shropshire Light Infantry memorial:-

St Chad's, Shrewsbury

“Manu Forte.” The Herefordshire Regiment formerly the Herefordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps now the Herefordshire Light Infantry.

Herefordshire Regiment Memorial, St Chad's, Shrewsbury

Great War Memorials in St Chad’s, Shrewsbury

Great War Roll of Honour:-

St Chad's, Shrewsbury, Great War Roll of Honour

The King’s Shropshire Light Infantry Memorial:-

St Chad's Great War Memorial

Shropshire’s Sacrifice in the Great War:-

Shropshire's Sacrifice in the Great War

St Chad’s Great War dead:-

St Chad's, Shrewsbury, Great War Dead

Shropshire War Memorial, Shrewsbury

Figure of St Michael Archangel inside a circular topped rotunda inscribed, “In memory of the men and women of Shropshire who fell in the two World Wars 1914–18 and 1939–45.”

Shropshire War Memorial Shrewsbury

The statue stands on a hexagonal plinth, which is surrounded by 6 hexagonal plaques laid into the floor of the monument.

In front of the statue, the first plaque is inscribed, “Remember the gallant men and women of Shropshire who gave their lives for God, King and country 1914–18 and 1939-45.” Five other plaques show the county arms of Shropshire, a Croix de Guerre, an empty cross in front of a rising sun, the badge of the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry and the arms of the town of Shrewsbury.

Shropshire War Memorial, Shrewsbury 2

St Chad’s Church in background:-

Shropshire War Memorial, Shrewsbury  3

A brass plaque on the ground in front of the gates of the enclosure is inscribed, “This War Memorial was built in 1922-3 in honour of the men and women of Shropshire who fell in the Great War of 1914-18. The war dead of 1939-45 are also commemorated by this monument.”

Shropshire War Memorial, Shrewsbury 4

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