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WW2 Memorials, Chester Cathedral

Cheshire Yeomanry Memorial. “In proud memory of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the Cheshire (Earl of Chester’s) Yeomanry who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1939 – 1945.”:-

Second World War Memorial, Chester Cathedral

Czechoslovak Memorial, “To the memory of Czechoslovak soldiers and airmen who fought with the Allies and sacrificed their lives during the 1939- 1945 war.”:-

Czech Memorial, Chester Cathedral,

Czechoslovak Memorial Information:-

Chester Cathedral, Czech Memorial Information Board

Great War Memorials, Chester Cathedral

Inside Chester Cathedral are several memorials to the dead of the Great War.

Cheshire Yoemanry memorial, headed “Cheshire Yoemanry” and “MCMXIV MCMXIX” and inscribed centrally, “To the glory of God and in glorious memory of the officers, NCOs and men of the Cheshire Yeomanry who gave their lives in the Great War.”

Great War Memorial, Chester Cathedral

Cheshire Regiment Great War Roll of Honour:-

Chester Cathedral, Great War Cheshire Regiment Roll of Honour

HMS Chester, Battle of Jutland Roll of Honour:-

HMS Chester, Battle of Jutland Memorial

HMS Chester Memorabilia, John Travers (Jack) Cornwell, youngest VC recipient:-

Chester Cathedral, HMS Chester Memorabilia

HMS Chester Memorabilia,

Boer War Memorial, Chester Cathedral

There are several memorials to past conflicts inside Chester Cathedral.

The most ornate is the one for the South African War of 1899-1902, known as the Boer War, though it was the second such.

Boer War Memorial, Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral Interior

Model of Chester Cathedral in Lego. The idea is you buy a lego brick for £1 and add it to the model. Note the War Memorial on the green patch:-

Model of Chester Cathedral in Lego


Chancel, Chester Cathedral

The very ornate choirstalls:-

Choirstalls, Chester Cathedral

Vaulted ceiling:-

Ceiling, Chester Cathedral

Rood Screen & stained glass windows:-

Rood Screen & Stained Glass Windows, Chester Cathedral

More atained glass windows:-

Stained Glass Windows, Chester Cathedral

Modern stained glass windows:-

Chester Cathedral, Modern Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows and lightshades:-

Stained Glass Windows and Lightshades, Chester Cathedral

22nd Cheshire Regiment Memorial

This is also in the grounds of Chester Cathedral.

Cheshire Regimental Memorial

It is inscribed, “In grateful remembrance of the officers and men of the 22nd [Cheshire] Regiment who laid down their lives in the service of their country 1939-1945.”

22nd [Cheshire] Regimental Memorial 3

Regimental Memorial, 22nd Cheshire Regiment

22nd Cheshire Regimental Memorial

War Memorial, Chester

The Memorial is in red sandstone to match the Cathedral behind. It has a hexagonal base of four steps supporting a plinth bearing a cross.

It is inscribed, “Erected by a grateful city in honour of her sons who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1914–1918. Their names are engraved on tablets of bronze in the Town Hall and their imperishable memory in the hearts of their fellow citizens.”

War Memorial, Chester

Inscribed on third tier here, “1939-1945”:-

War Memorial, Chester

Third view:-

War Memorial by Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral Exterior

The cathedral is up a side road and fairly hemmed in so not easy to photograph.

Chester Cathedral

Side door, not used as an entrance when we were there:-

Chester Cathedral Door

Detail, side door:-

Detail Chester Cathedral Door

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