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Covid Innovations At Balbirnie

I mentioned the Balbirnie House Hotel a few posts ago and again here.

One day last August I noticed on our daily walk that a whole load of tents had sprung up in the grounds.

This was the hotel’s response to Covid restrictions on gatherings inside. Instead they had introduced al fresco dining.

A brave move in Scotland!

Tents, Balbirnie House Hotel

Dining Tents, Balbirnie House Hotel

Balbirnie House Hotel Dining Tents

Covid Dining Tents, Balbirnie House Hotel

Balbirnie House

Balbirnie House was the “big” house nearest to Markinch and was home to the Balfour family before being sold off in 1969. It is now a hotel, the Balbirnie House Hotel and the estate grounds are now Balbirnie Park.

Nearly every morning I walk past it and through its grounds (more than half of which is now a golf course) on my way to Markinch to pick up the Guardian.

This is a photo of the hotel from just over a year ago:-

Balbirnie House Hotel

There had been reasonably heavy rain and a pool of water had collected beside the footpath which skirts the estate road leading upo to the hotel. This was followed by a freeze:-

Balbirnie Park Flood

Balbirnie House with Frozen Flood

Lower down the estate road, nearer to Markinch, this area of the golf course had also been flooded and frozen:-

Flooded Golf Fairway, Balbirnie

On the other side of the estate road this part of Balbirnie Park remained flooded for almost all of 2020:-

Flooded Ground, Balbirnie Park

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