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Easter Road Stadium

Home of Hibernian FC.

I took these at the League Cup game in August, not the 0-0 last week.

From the access road:-

Main Stand Exterior:-

South Stand Exterior:-

East Stand:-

North Stand:-

Main Stand:-

The teams at kick off. You can just about see the hoops on the front of the Sons strip on a couple of our players. It’s a particularly horrible shade of green Hibs are wearing this season. And no white sleeves. Poor show.

Stark’s Park, Kirkcaldy (iii)

Yes, I know I’ve done this one twice before but on Saturday last we Sons fans had a new angle on the ground from the Railway Stand:-

Main and South Stands:-

The North Stand – named for local author and avid Rover Val McDermid. (It takes all sorts I suppose):-

Dens Park Dundee (ii)

The Bobby Cox Stand – at Provost Road end:-

Main Stand. Angled bend is quite prominent:-

Bob Shankly Stand. Tannadice Street end:-

Small stand opposite Main Stand. I believe this one is known as the Derry. Note Dundee Law in background on right:-

Sons fans crammed into end part of Main Stand, 3/5/14:-

End of game applause (and Dundee fans’ pitch invasion) 3/5/14:-

Dens Park, Dundee (i)

Dens Park is the home of Dundee Football Club.

This is the ground as seen from Caird Avenue, floodlights poking above the flats on Dens Road.

From Provost Road:-

The next one was taken from Sandeman Street. In the background you can also see Tannadice Park, home of Dundee United Football Club. The two grounds have the closest proximity in British senior football:-

Here are Dens Park and Tannadice Park from Dundee Law. I took this photo nearly three years ago. The high flats in the foreground have now been demolished.

Dens Park showing Tannadice Street. Again Tannadice Park can be seen, as can the bend in Dens Park’s Main Stand:-

Main and Bob Shankly Stands from Tannadice Street. Bob Shankly was the brother of the more widely known Liverpool manager, Bill:-

Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen

Pittodrie Stadium is the home of Aberdeen FC.

Approach to Beach End Stand:-

Approach to Away Section – Not very prepossessing, what with the menacing metal fencing all round the approach:-

East Stand (Beach End.) Houses away fans:-

North (Main) Stand, houses the players changing rooms and home fans seating. The players’ tunnel is not as is usual in the centre but at the right hand end as you look at it here:-

West Stand. Home fans again:-

South Stand. In the photo Sons fans are nearest. This doesn’t give the impression of how many were there (600.) Beyond a fence, most of the stand was taken up with Aberdeen fans:-

Home fans embracing the insult and carrying an inflatable sheep/lamb. As well as the sheep there were loads of balloons in Sons colours of black, white and gold floating around during the Scottish Cup game on 8/3/14:-

Sons players applaud fans at end of game:-

Shielfield Park, Berwick

Shielfield is the home of Berwick Rangers FC.

There are two qualifications to this post. The category* I’ve placed it in is actually not quite accurate. Though Berwick Rangers play in the Scottish Leagues the ground is of course situated south of the border so is not technically a Scottish football ground. Shielfield is also south of the River Tweed so I suppose it’s really in Tweedmouth rather than Berwick.

There is a grassed lane leading from the road to the ground. The away terrace can be viewed from it.

Shielfield Park, Away Terrace from Lane

A little to the left of the above is the main entrance.

Shielfield Park, Main Entrance full

Entering through the turnstiles you can see the main stand.

Shielfield Park, Stand

The nearest goal to the entrance. Wide spaces between it and the spectator area.

Shielfield Park, Behind Goal

The away terrace with covered enclosure.

Shielfield Park, Away (North)  Terrace

With the low slung stand and slope the ground has similarities to Recreation Park, Alloa – though the terracing and cover there was removed a couple of years ago and replaced with temporary seating. This is the goal at the lower end of the slope at Shielfield.

Shielfield Park, Other Goal

The nearer goal and stand.

Shielfield Park, Near Goal and Stand

Looking back up the slope.

Shielfield Park, Looking Back to Main Entrance

*Edited 22/9/14 to be in new category of English Football Grounds.

Recreation Park, Alloa

Home of Alloa Athletic FC. Situated on Clackmannan Road (the A 907.)

Home Support Entrance with main stand in grey:-

Recreation Park, Alloa, Home Support Entrance

Boundary wall on Clackmannan Road:-

Recreation  Park, Alloa, Boundary wall

Away support entrance:-

Recreation  Park, Alloa, Away Support Entrance

View from away support entrance, down slope to Railway end, Ochil Hills in background:-

Looking Down Slope Towards Railway End, Recreation  Park

In all my visits to Recreation Park up till a couple of years ago there was no railway behind the ground: it had been Beechinged. However, my elder brother told me of some Dumbarton player in the long ago putting a penalty onto the railway. The modern line from Stirling to Alloa (and beyond for goods trains) opened three or four years ago.

The next photo is shifted right slightly to show the away support area. Note temporary stand halfway down. There used to be a large mound of terracing on this side, with a covered area well back from the pitch. It was taken away a few years ago and replaced with this flatter viewing area. Again a nice view of the Ochil Hills in the background.

Away Support Terracing

Terracing, Clackmannan Road end:-

Recreation  Park, Alloa, Home Terracing

Main stand from away entrance. The artificial turf is obvious here:-

Recreation  Park, Main Stand from Away Entrance

The stand replaced one damaged by fire quite a few years ago now. This is it from the Railway end.

Recreation  Park, Main Stand from Railway End

The Railway end terracing still has the mound of earth type of terrace with some railway sleepers for stability:-

Recreation  Park, Old Terracing Behind Goal

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 28: Kirkintilloch Rob Roy FC Pavilion, Adamslie Park, Kirkintilloch

I’ve read recently that the wonderfully named Scottish junior team Kirkintilloch Rob Roy FC is to be moving from its home at Adamslie Park, Kirkintilloch to pastures new. I gather the team will temporarily be playing its games at the ground of Kilsyth Rangers until the new ground is ready.

Out of the corner of my eye as I was driving through Kirkintilloch I once caught a glimpse of the Pavilion at Adamslie Park and immediately thought it was Deco. I have never been inside the ground to see properly for myself and will likely now never get the chance.

So here are two photos I found on the web.

Pavilion Adamslie Park, Kirkintilloch

The second is taken from the club’s website and shows what must be last season’s team posing in front of the Pavilion.

Kirkintilloch Rob Roy

I also found this video on You Tube but but doesn’t show off much of the Pavilion.

Falkirk Stadium

Home of Falkirk FC. Quite an impressive one now that all but one of the sides is closed in. These photos are from April this year. The last time I was there some years ago it only had two stands. Still an improvement on the old Brockville though.

This is the Main Stand.

Falkirk Stadium

I took this one from the road just to the east.

Falkirk Stadium from Southeast

This one is from the west side (just.)

Falkrk Stadium from South (west)

The East Stand:-

Falkirk Stadium, East Stand

And the West Stand:

Falkirk Stadium, West Stand

This is the view across from the Main Stand.

Falkirk Stadium, View from Main Stand

New Douglas Park, Hamilton

Home of Hamilton Academical Football Club, popularly known as the Accies.

These are the entrance gates:-

New Douglas Park Entrance Gates

The Main Stand is the one you can see in the above photo.

Once you get inside you find the seating area is quite high up. See the steps.

New Douglas Park,Hamilton, Main Stand from Entrance

The Main Stand from inside:-

New Douglas Park, Hamilton, Main Stand

View across ground:-

New Douglas Park, Inside the Ground

Note no stand to right here and the temporary stand on the opposite side. That’s a Morrison’s supermarket behind it.

The North Stand:-

New Douglas Park, North Stand from Main Stand

Apparently Sons fans were in this stand for the Saturday game but it wasn’t used on the Tuesday night.

A few more photos of New Douglas Park are on my Flickr.

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