Mithraic Temple, Carrawburgh, Northumberland

Due to the legacy of Hadrian’s Wall the north of England is festooned with Roman ruins. They range from the reaonably large – the forts along the wall, not to mention the remnants of the wall itself – to quite small. One of the latter lies just off the B6318 at Carrawburgh, Northumberland. It is the remains of a Mithraic Temple. The B6318 runs south of Hadrian’s Wall and is very straight (see here at the Carrawburgh car park) presumably by following the course of a Roman original

Temple from path:-

Mithraic Temple, Carrawburgh, Northumberland, Roman ruin

Centre isle from entrance:-

Mithraic Temple, Crawwburgh, Northumberland

The information board has a representation of how the inside of the temple would have looked when in use:-

Temple Information Board, Mithraic temple, Crawwburgh, Northumberland


Mithraic Temple, Crawburgh, Northumberland, Roman ruin

At its centrepiece the altar has a small dish which presumably was originally intended to receive votive offerings. Certainly modern visitors have been leaving coins, sweets and, for some reason obscure to me, a piece of wood:-

Votive Offerings, Mithraic Temple, Crawburgh, Northumberland

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  1. Constance

    Stunning pictures! I can’t believe I made it as close as Durham but failed to reach Hexham and Hadrian’s Wall.

  2. jackdeighton

    Well Durham is stunning with its cathedral. There’s so much Roman stuff along Hadrian’s Wall we’ve not had the chance to see it all. Maybe next time you visit you’ll be able to see at least some of it.

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