A Seaside Walk at Seafield, Kirkcaldy

In June we took a walk along the seashore of the Firth of Forth from Kirkcaldy towards Seafield Tower. There’s always some wildlife around.

This cormorant was sunning itself against the background of old sea wall blocks:-

cormorant , Seafield, Kirkcaldy, Firth of Forth, Fife

Panorama of rocks and seals:-

Seals at Seafield Kirkcaldy

Basking seals:-

seals, Firth of Forth, Kirkcaldy, Seafield

On the way back the tide had come in a bit:-

Seals Perched on Rocks near Kirkcaldy

More Seals at Seafield

“Do not disturb” sign. It’s a bit sad that there is felt to be a need to put up a sign like this:-

Do not disturb seals, Seafield, Kirkcaldy


Video of Seals Seals at Seafield, Kirkcaldy

On this video you can hear the seals’ howls:-

Seals Wailing, Seafield, Kirkcaldy

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