Tombs in Peterborough Cathedral

There are memorials to two Queens in Peterborough Cathedral, Katherine of Aragon and Mary, Queen of Scots.

The cathedral actually contains the tomb of the first of those. She died in Kimbolton Castle and Peterborough was presumably the nearest viable option given Henry VIII would have wanted the whoel thing over with quickly:-

Katharine's Tomb

Tomb inscription. “Here lies the body of Katherine of Aragon, Queen of England, wife of Henry VIII, who died at Kimbolton Castle on the (obscured) day of January 1535/6 aged 49 years.” Note the two pomegranates on the tomb. The pomegranate was Katherine’s personal symbol:-

Katharine of Aragon's Tomb

Plaque on pillar to the side. “A Queen cherished by the English people for her piety, courage and compassion.”

Plaque Above Katharine of Aragon's Tomb, Peterborough Cathedral

Mary’s body was moved from Peterborough by order of her son King James VI (and I) so a stone inscription now lies on a pillar near where its location was

Above Mary's Former Tomb

Mary's Former Tomb

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