Calke Abbey Chinese Bed

One of the discoveries the National Trust made in Calke Abbey was hidden away in wooden chests since it had arrived at the house in the early nineteenth century. It was a state bed, perhaps given to Lady Caroline Manners as a wedding present when she married Sir Henry Harpur, but the bed didn’t fit any of the rooms in the house.

State bed info, Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

However its seclusion in the chest preserved the Chinese silk of the bed’s hangings, keeping them in great condition. It is all housed behind glass to protect it so the photos are a bit indistinct. It’s a magnificent survival, though:-

Chinese silk state bed hangings, Calke Abbey

Chinese silk  hangings, Calke Abbey

Smaller pieces of the silk were also found in the chest:-

Chinese silk, Calke Abbey

Chinese silk, Calke Abbey

The wooden chests:-

Chinese silk store chest

Another eclectic item in the house was this organ with mandolin above:-

Organ, Calke Abbey

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