Piece Hall, Halifax

On that trip to Halifax we ended up at the Piece Hall. We both thought at first it would be Peace Hall but of course it wasn’t. It’s a Georgian building in the shape of a quadrangle and dates from 1779.

We visited in November hence the Christmas sign:-

Piece Hall, Halifax, Entertainments

One side (the north one?) is higher than its opposite. You can see this if you compare the number of floors on the side to the left below compared to the one on the right:-

Piece Hall, Halifax

As can be seen from the photo below Halifax lies in a bowl of surrounding hills:-

Part of Piece Hall, Halifax

The Piece Hall was used as a market for fabric, mostly woven wool. The spaces where individuals sold their cloth are now taken up by a variety of traders including sweets, toys, antiques, books, clothes, curios, art reclamations etc.

This is one of the four colonnades:-

Piece Hall, Halifax, Colonnades

Pre-Christmas entertainment was provided by a brass band:-

Band at Piece Hall, Halifax

The massive and elaborately decorated pair of iron gates at the Piece Hall’s entrance were made by the Sun Foundry in Glasgow. When we were there they were set back against the wall to allow entry to the Hall so were difficult to photograph but they can be seen here along with more photos of the Piece Hall.

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