Ian Sales’s 1990s

In posts here and here, covering the 1980s and 1970s respectively, I have mentioned Ian Sales’s response to the BBC’s list of 100 Books that Shaped Our World .

This is his list for the 1990s.

Again, those in bold I have read. Not surprisingly they are all SF novels. A couple of these which I haven’t read I will now look out for:-

The Innocent, Ian McEwan (1990)
Use of Weapons, Iain M Banks (1990)
Take Back Plenty, Colin Greenland (1990)
Raft, Stephen Baxter (1991)
The Brains of Rats, Michael Blumlein (1989)
Semiotext(e) SF, Rudy Rucker, Peter Lamborn Wilson & Robert Anton Wilson, eds. (1989)
Metrophage, Richard Kadrey (1988)
Dreamside, Graham Joyce (1991)
Iris, William Barton & Michael Capobianco (1990)
A Vision of Battlements, Anthony Burgess (1965)
How Far Can You Go?, David Lodge (1980)
Angel at Apogee, SN Lewitt (1987)
C is for Corpse, Sue Grafton (1986)
Guardian Angel, Sara Paretsky (1992)
Alexandria Quartet, Lawrence Durrell (1957)
An Exchange of Hostages, Susan R Matthews (1997)
Bending the Landscape: Fantasy, Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel (1997)
Coelestis, Paul Park(1993)
Holy Fire, Bruce Sterling (1996)
Cotillion, Georgette Heyer (1953)
The Master Mariner, Nicholas Monsarrat (1978)
The Second Angel, Philip Kerr (1998)
The Children of Anthi, Jay D Blakeney (1985)

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