St Ninian’s Cave

St Ninian’s Cave lies on the shores of Glenluce Bay, Dumfries and Galloway. It is traditionally held to be the place to where St Ninian retreated from Whithorn.

It is still a place of pilgrimage today. On our (long) walk down from the car park we overtook a party of schoolchildren (young teenagers) being escorted to the cave. On our way back they were grouped together – complete with guitars – at the site where the path meets the beach. I assume they were preparing to indulge in hymn singing.

St Ninian’s Cave from beach:-

St Ninian's Cave From Beach

Closer view of cave:-

St Ninian's Cave

Information board at cave entrance:-

St Ninian's info board

Cave interior:-

St Ninian's Cave Interior

There are carved crosses within the cave and other crosses on the hills and cliffs surrounding it:-



Pilgrim's Crosses, St Ninian's Cave

I liked the veining in the rock at this smaller cave nearby:-

Another Small Cave Near St Ninian's Cave

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