Shoreline of Infinity 7: Spring 2017

 Shoreline of Infinity 7 cover

Starting with the fiction:-
In The Walls of Tithonia Chasma1 by Tim Major machines imbued via imprints of “human brain patterns” with artificial intelligences and whom a local Reverend asserts may have souls are sculpting Valles Marineris on Mars.
An Infinite Number of Me2 by Dan Grace is narrated by the daughter of a physicist whose work involved the interactions between the many different worlds where they touch each other.
Another take on different realities, or, rather, a possible different future is Brother’s Keeper3 by Shannon Connor Windward.
Message in a Bottle by Davyne DeSye is couched as a series of unreplied-to messages from an artist who seems to have been left totally alone in the world. (Annoyingly, its approach and the style in which it is written reminded me of an unpublished story of my own.)
In Anyone Can Ask About Enhancement4 by Terry Jackman a ”normal” working man tries for Enhancement in order to impress/keep his girlfriend. This story can go in one of two ways. And it does.
3.8 Missions5 by Katie Gray tells of a medtech whose job it is to reach disabled iSoldiers in the field and get them back working again. 3.8 is the average number of such missions completed. Our narrator is on his fifth.
Quantum Flush6 by Daniel Soule is a light-hearted piece about a time travel jaunt to find out the cause of the Alexandria Library fire.
Another light-hearted piece, Something Fishy7 by David L Clements, has an explorer on an alien planet encounter a human-sized fish which is singing arias.
Mark Toner’s The Beachcomber8 continues its graphic story-telling with an account of how Martians have adapted over the years to the many different human ways of viewing them.
In SF Caledonia9 Monica Burns considers That Very Mab10 by May Kendall and Andrew Lang, the first in the series written by two authors and the first to feature a woman. The extract, as might be expected from is 1885 publication date, is very Victorian in nature.

The non-fiction contains an interview with Jane Yolena four of whose poems make up Russell Jones’s MultiVerse section. Ruth E J Boothb’s Noise and Sparks 4: The Work of the Heart discusses the role of the artist in troubled times. Reviews features Iain Maloneyc on Ken Macleod’s The Corporation Wars: Insurgence, Pippa Goldschmidt looks at the collection Thought X: Fictions and Hypotheticals edited by Dr Rob Appleby and Ra Page, Chris Kelsod welcomes the reminder from Iraq + 100: Stories from Another Iraq edited by Hassam Blasim of Britain’s responsibility for the chaos in that country and finds the stories are well written and “beautifully executed,” Chris Heymane likes Luke Rhinehart’s Invasion, Steve Ironsidef sees flaws in T J Zareski’s The Cygnus Virus but looks forward to part two, Katie Gray had a good time reading the clockworkpunk of Stephen Palmer’s The Girl with Two Souls even if the central character(s) remained undeveloped, Thom Dayg liked Hold Back the Stars by Katie Khan overall [but his review indicated it would not be my thing,] and Iain Maloney gives a warm thumbs up to Chris Beckett’s Daughter of Eden.

Pedant’s corner:- 1“there are now only a handful of the team” (there is a handful,) “the congregation accept the sculptures as” (the congregation accepts.) 2“down though muscle and bone” (down through.) 3Written in USian. 4“less hours” (fewer.) “Super nova flared” (Supernovae,) “did he need it” (‘had he needed it’ is a more natural formulation.) “They bid him welcome” (bade.) In the author info: “five4 star” (well: was it five or 4?) 5“the dust-cloud than enveloped him” (that.) In the author info: “a master’s in creative writing” (a Master’s.) 6Archimedes’ (Archimedes’s,) “the libraries destruction” (library’s,) and did the Nazi high command really have quilted toilet tissue? 7corps’ (corps is singular, so corps’s; since the word is pronounced “core” it certainly must have the “s” after the apostrophe in its possessive,) “while amino acids, in various configurations, were the building blocks of protein analogues” (but amino acids are the building blocks of protein; so these “analogues” would be molecules of protein,) hanger (hangar,) “after a few moments further thought” (moments’.) “Its voice rose to a crescendo” (no. The crescendo is the rise, not its climax.) In the author info: “other then Earth (than.) 8disasterous (disastrous.) 9“Parliament are debating” (Parliament is debating,) Weslyan (Wesleyan.) 10In the extract printed unwarranted paragraph breaks occur mid-sentence on pages 100, 101 and 105, there is an unfortunate inset which means a semi-colon appears on the next line rather than immediately after a word on page 101, “opinionthe” (opinion the,) fetich (now spelled fetish.)
aThis is a transliteration of an email exchange so perhaps typos can be excused. Nevertheless: “fireflies mating rituals” (fireflies’,) Margulis’ (Margulis’s,) Yeats’ (Yeats’s,) all the times (time,) “I – like many others – are extremely trying” (I … am extremely trying,) selchies (selkies,) “have being accepted” (been,) “head, attorney” (head attorney,) publishers schedules (publishers’.) b“sympathy with her reader allows a storyteller to speak to them” (readers.) c“the freebot known as Baser who is … until its peace is shattered” (either “which” for “who” or “his” for “its”.) dIraqi+ 100 (Iraq + 100,) “that resonates events closer to home” (resonates with,) Bagdad (Baghdad,) Iraqi’s (Iraqis.) e“As the activities amps up” (amp up.) fCygnus’ (Cygnus’s.) gMills & Boone (Mills & Boon,) “there’s plenty of futuristic elements” (there are plenty … elements,) we are told twice each that the characters have 90 minutes of air left and North America and the Middle East have been devastated by nukes.

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