The Scottish Crannog Centre

When we visited here we thought it would be a short visit but they put on a talk describing neolithic life and giving demonstrations of various sorts including making fire so we ended up taking nearly two hours. Not the least of the interesting titbits was that apparently midges don’t come out over the water. Those neolithic folk weren’t daft!

Reconstructed crannog entrance:-

Reconstructed Crannog Entrance, Loch Tay

Crannog walkway, right:-

Crannog Walkway, Loch Tay

Crannog walkway, left:-

Walkway on Reconstructed Crannog, Loch Tay

Reconstructed crannog from lochside:-

Crannog on Loch Tay

It’s surprisingly spacious inside. Interior panorama:-

Interior Panorama, Loch Tay Reconstructed Crannog


Hearth, Reconstructed Crannog, Loch Tay

Roof centre:-

Roof Centre, Reconstructed Crannog, Loch Tay

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