A crannog is an artificial island (or the remains of one) usually built out onto a loch (but sometimes a river or estuary) and dating from Neolithic times.

At The Scottish Crannog Centre, which lies on the western shores of Loch Tay not far from Kenmore, it says there are at least seventeen remnants of crannogs on Loch Tay alone.

In this photo, taken from the foot of Loch Tay at Kenmore, you can see the wooded remains of a crannog in the middle of the loch to the left and (just about) the recontructed crannog at the Crannog Centre to its right:-

Crannog and Loch Tay from Kenmore 1

Here’s a closer view, reconstructed crannog off to right:-

Old and New Crannog from Kenmore

Closer still:-

Two Crannogs from Kenmore 3

A different angle:-

Crannog on Loch Tay Kenmore 2

The reconstructed crannog:-

Reconstructed Crannog from Kenmore 1

Another, larger, crannog on the opposite shores of Loch Tay taken from the location of the reconstructed one:-

Crannog on Loch Tay Kenmore 1

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