The Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana)

Flåm is most visited for its railway (the Flåmsbana.) It’s a branch of the line from Oslo to Bergen coming off at Myrdal.

Since Flåm is so small the railway mainly carries tourists eager to experience the steep gradients and spectacular views.

in Flåm itself the railway is not as spectacular as elsewhere. If I ever go back I might take a trip on it.

Front of train heading out of Flåm to Myrdal:-

Train on the Flåm Railway, (Flåmsbana)

Rear of train:-

Rear of Train on Flåmsbana

Leaving Flåm heading to Myrdal:-

Train on Flåm Railway

Train in Flåm heading towards Flåm terminus having come from Myrdal:-

Flåmsbana Train in Flåm, Norway

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