Flåm, Aurlandsfjord, Norway

First stop on the Norway trip was Flåm, at the top of Aurlandsfjord, Norway. The ship’s daily information sheet said Flåm is pronounced flom, but the (Norwegian) Captain had it somewhere nearer flum than flom.

It was a bit misty and a small city was docked at the quayside.

Flåm from Aurlandsfjord

Due to that small city we were told we would be tendering.

This is the MV Black Watch’s tender:-

Tender from Ship to Shore

We decided to go for a walk round Flåm, actually in search of a waterfall, the Bokkefossen. It was a steep and muddy climb though so we gave that up.

This is the village from above, Aurlandsfjord is off to the left:-

Flåm Village from above.

Flåm looking back towards Aurlandsfjord:-

Flåm looking towards Aurlandsfjord

Part of Flåm with Flåm River:-

Part of Flåm with Flåm River

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