Leixões, Matosinhos Principality, Portugal

I had only heard of Leixões before through the football team bearing that name, actually part of a wider sporting club. Leixões is however the port for Porto.

Like Avilés, Leixões has an architecturally interesting building by the dockside.

This photo from distance was actually taken when we were leaving port:-

Portside Building and Leixões

There was a metal sort of walkway or loading way leading out from the building:-

Portside Building Leixões Walkway

See in this photo how the loading way’s roof bends over to become its wall:-

Portside Building Leixões

That curve can be seen here and the building as a whole:-

Portside Building Stitch

Views from dockside:-

Dockside Building Leixões

Portside Building Leixões

Dockside Building, Leixões

Part of the structure is supported by these leaning pillars:-

Leixões Dockside Building Supports

I believe the building may house art exhibits at times. There was none when we were there though. Interior:-

Leixões Dockside Building Interior 1>

Dockside Building, Leixões, Interior 2

From Matosinhos beach:-

Dockside Building and SS Black Watch

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