Leaving Lorient

The main river passing Lorient is Le Blavet which Le Scorff joins just where the Black Watch was moored. There was a windsurfer plying the waters as we set sail:-

Windsurfers, Lorient

Not to mention a yacht and the pilot boat. Again click on pictures to get to video on my flickr:-

Yacht and Pilot boat near Lorient

Town across river from Lorient. Port Louis, I think:-

Town across River from Lorient

Not much distance out to the deep channel for shipping here:-

A Beach at Lorient

Not much spare room this side either:-

Fort at River Mouth, Opposite Lorient

Fort at river mouth:-

River Mouth Fort, Opposite Lorient

Fort and Port Louis:-

Fort at Lorient

Looking back to fort and Lorient:-

Lorient and Fort from Beyond River Mouth

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