And It’s Goodnight From Him

The tag line was too good not to use as a post title but it’s still sad that now it’s The No Ronnies.

Mr Corbett never lost his Scottish accent. I believe for a while he retained a house in the village of Strathmiglo, which is only six miles from Son of the Rock Acres.

In my days as a teacher I was wont to employ a catch phrase from one of the TV shows he starred in, Sorry!, (even though it wasn’t Ronnie who ever spoke it.) Rather his character was the subject of its admonishment, “Language, Timothy!” [At least one bewildered child responded to me, “I’m not called Timothy.” ]

From his time on the “Class” sketch in The Frost Report through the immortal “Fork ‘Andles” in his heyday as the smaller half of The Two Ronnies he made memorable contributions to lightening the nation’s heart.

Some of his comedy from that era may have tired but the best of it is up there with with anyone’s.

The Frost Report: Class

Ronald Balfour “Ronnie” Corbett: 4/12/1930 – 31/3/2016. So it goes.

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