The Jacobite Steam Train (aka The Hogwarts Express)

This was the reason we went to Fort William.

My work colleagues had given me a voucher for two tickets on an excursion from Fort William to Mallaig on the Jacobite Steam train run by West Coast Railways. This is the train that features as the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter films.

We hadn’t been on a steam train since we took the boys on the one at Bo’ness in the long ago.

That British Railways logo is a cracker.

It’s reminiscent of the one used for the British Empire Exhibition of 1924-25.

Wembley Lion

See more images of the Wembley Lion here.

When we debarked at Mallaig Station the footplatemen were hard at work shovelling coal on the Jacobite’s coal tender.

The end of the line at Mallaig:-

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  1. Denis Cullinan

    The URLs below will show you parts of the British Empire building in Rockefeller Center, an Art Deco wonder. (1) emblem of the Royal Banner of England. I used to see this decoration every night for eleven years on my way home from my “retirement job.”
    URL(2), below, shows the entrance doors of the Brit. Empire Bldg. The design of Rockefeller Center is a great thing, but the corny themes (having to do with Progress blah yak zot) evoke a giggle in the present age.

  2. jackdeighton

    Thanks a lot for this, Denis.
    Stunning stuff.

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